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August 25, 2009

Welcome to our UNDER 40 Premier Session !! (English ver.)



On October 30 2009, library professionals from right across Japan will come together at the annual All-Japan Library Conference held in Tokyo.

Official conference website: http://www.jla.or.jp/taikai2009/

The day before the conference, October 29 (Thursday), a group of library professionals UNDER 40 years old will be holding an event as detailed below. This will be an excellent chance for you to network with other library staff and chat to open a future full of hope, rather than dwell on the problems we currently face.

Session 1: Lightning Talk

Around 10 participants will give short presentations about their current work. We are currently accepting candidates to make presentations.

Session 2: Free Talking Time

Expand your network and contacts! Seating arrangements will regularly change so you can talk to as many people as possible.

Those over 40 years of age are encouraged to participate as volunteers to keep a watchful eye over us younger ones!

Date and time: October 29 (Thursday), 7PM to 9PM.

Place: HUB British Pub, Hibiya

B1 Matsui Building, 1-6-8 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0006

Tel: 03-3592-0309

Cost: 1,500 yen (Standing. Food included) Please purchase your own drinks at the bar.

Participants: All library-related professionals. Limited to the first 100 people.

Events will also be held in other regions for those who cannot make it to Tokyo on October 29.

Contact us: u40_office@yahoogroups.jp

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